Richard H. Utley, President/CEO

Utley Associates

Leader, Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur

I ran track while attending college in Pittsburgh.  My Father’s advice to me was simple, “Make sure you graduate from high school in order to provide for yourself.”  College officials doubted my skills as Chairman of a nascent campus organization called the Black Action Society, and countless politicos and bureaucrats underestimated my survival skills.  Most of my life consisted of clearing the bar of low expectations others set for me.  With hard work and determination I have managed to become one of the highest-ranking and most well-known members of the Pennsylvania State Government.   Not bad for a skinny kid from the Homewood section of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.


Perseverance, formidable people skills and innate intelligence triggered my rise.  I leveraged those strengths and became a successful Political Operative, Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur, Author, Recording Artist and Entertainment Promoter.


When people ask me about my life’s lessons my response is this, “You should always believe in yourself, even if no one else does.”


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